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Wild Hair in the Office

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My 3 Day Flex Rod Set is now coming to an end. The flowing tendrils can no longer hold on with the humidity Houston Texas Brings.  The tendrils tried and as Monday was now here, the expansion grew even bigger.

Entering into my last meeting of the day, the client turns to me and say "I like your wild hair today". Caught me of guard just a little, and so I smiled.  My response was "That was the intent".

Being natural in Corporate America has been an interesting road for me. Not in a negative way, but more in a positive way.  Many colleagues look forward to what hair style I will ROCK each morning. Notice I said each morning. Which is a true statement. I love to change my hair. Especially according to what I wear!

The key to wearing  your natural hair in the work place is being confident while maintaining a professional look. There is nothing wrong with having personal style, but you still should be aware of your audience.

Continue to have fun with it, enjoy the journey and let your natural stresses blow!

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