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Benefits to Shopping in a Thrift / Resale / Consignment Shop (T-R-C Shops)

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Shopping at Resale shops really helps you to think outside the box. Many individuals may not like the idea of wearing second hand items; however, you will discover many of the Thrift/Resale/Consignment (TRC) shops take items in great condition.

Two of a kind – NOT: That's what’s so awesome about shopping from the T-R-C Shop. You don’t have to worry about a duplicate; well 99% of the time you don’t. The items you find are very unique, daring and edgy. This is right up my alley along with the price.

Looks Expensive: Guess what, it’s not! It may be DKNY, BCBG or even Valentino for an unbelievable price. I purchased a vintage Valentino leather skirt for $70 dollars in Europe. That was a true treasure find.

Variety, Variety: Your closet will have many unique pieces that you can mix and match your current items with that you already have. You can create a new outfit all the time. How fun that is?

What you may no longer want someone else will: Most T-R-C Shops allow you to trade or sell your clothes. You can obtain store credit or receive cash. What you may no longer want someone will surely treasure it.

I hope each of you will at least try going to a T-R-C shop. You never know what you may find.

“Dress the Part, Shop Smart”



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