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Is that "Resale" In the boardroom?

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I drive up to my place of business, parked my car, and walked the long parking lot to the main building doors. I get some looks, some compliments and passer byers. “Mimi, I could never wear that, or Mimi where did you get that from” are some of the comments that come my way.

Dress: @angelsvintageboutique /

My first response is “Thank you” and I share that I purchased my attire from a resale, (some like to say recycled) shop. And their eyes open wide. “Really” is what is exclaimed out of their mouths.

To me that’s the amazing part; no one really can tell that your clothing items came from a resale shop. I look for quality, professionalism, and uniqueness. I get an exciting rush when I see bold pieces and I find ways to incorporate it into my Corporate Attire.

Dress: @vintagewhimpsy /

When I do have a boardroom meeting, sometimes the ice breaker will be my attire, which I have no problem with, but I do make sure that my Resale Attire is not the subject of conversation and doesn’t take away from the real reason why I’m there, which is to perform and know my business.


Resale is definitely where it’s at for ME. I love not worrying about others with the same items.

Give it try!

Dress: @solidvintage

Be sure to check out these awesome Vintage Resale Shops. Most are found on IG as well as some local shops in Houston Tx.

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