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How Short Girls ROCK Shorts

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Who considers themselves Petite? I raise my hand high and say I do. I stand 5’0" tall without wearing my fabulous heels.  The  petiteness of me has caused some challenges in the fashion world, but I've learned to work around it. In the past, all pants that I have found were always too long, but now most places have a Petite section and therefore, most clothing such as jackets and skirts fit perfectly.


But then you have SHORTS.  I will be honest, growing up I didn't wear shorts at ALL. I was very self-conscious about my legs. In my younger years I had a lot of mosquito bites on my legs that left dark marks. I didn't participate in a lot of activities that I wanted too, such as cheer-leading or playing sports all because I didn't  want to show my legs.


Now, I am  far from that place in my life, I love shorts. The high waist and short hem; that lets your legs feel the warm sun and brisk wind against them is the best. The styles and colors that catch eyes as you walk by. The wedge shoes that give you height and let you stand tall to the 5’11” woman. How awesome is that.


How short girl’s rock shorts is by walking with confidence, loving yourself and showing those calves that stick out like oranges.


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