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Meet Hannah : MeYe Label Blog Feature

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I want to showcase bloggers, fashion savvy ladies in MeYe Label attire. No matter the shape, nationality or age, you can be classy, professional, and sexy.

All items being worn are from MeYe Label

Now introducing Hannah Dalit

  1. Introduce yourself!

I am Hannah Dalit (@hbugxx), a Houston model and creative visionary. I style editorial shoots and make artistic vision happen. I am from the Philippines and spent a significant portion of my childhood there before moving to Texas. I find my inspiration through my travels and immersion in different cultures. Beyond fashion, however, I do have a healthcare background and have provided care internationally as a volunteer.


  1. Describe your style.

I like looking expensive. Lol! Actually I would say it is bold, ever-evolving, and edgy while still remaining classy.

  1. Have you shopped Resale Before and if so do you like it?

I love resale. It's definitely more eco-friendly than buying something new, and sometimes vintage items actually utilize higher quality fabrics than the newer counterparts. I feel like ready-to-wear brands nowadays just churn out great quantities of apparel at a low cost rather than focusing on great quality or great designs. There are exceptions, of course, but it's hard to find affordable items that are well made unless they are resale.


  1. What is your definition of Vintage?

Vintage refers to the year a wine has been made... Yum. But, truly, when it comes to vintage clothing I'll say it refers to clothing from an era that has passed or the style from that era.

  1. What are your favorite fashion pieces? Favorite places to shop? Least favorite fashion trends?

Favorite fashion pieces would be anything that is tailored and killer heels. Favorite place to shop would be online or in an artisan boutique. You just never know what you're going to find. As for least favorite fashion trends, I'd say too much outdated floral patterns have flooded the market...

  1. How would you describe MeYe Label?

Mimi says she got MeYe from "my eye" which I think resonates with the personality of the woman she is selling the clothes to. This woman takes charge of her style. She takes ownership of what her fashion makes her feel—she is bold.


  1. What is one piece of advice you have for others who want to incorporate more bold fashions into their lives?


Some people buckle under the pressure of people looking at them. It makes them feel as if they are being judged and criticized. But, instead of letting insecurity bring you down, embrace the scrutiny and trust your style enough to own it. Not owning it is like walking off with your tail tucked between your legs. That cannot make you look good no matter how you wear it. So, don't be a scared puppy. Slay them all, you vixen.

  1. Where can we find more of you?

My professional portfolio can be found using this link:!creativeportfolio/c1rww

And my Instagram is @hbugxx. If you mention that you found me through this MeYe label post, I will make sure to follow you back!

Thank you Hannah for showcasing MeYe Label


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