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Meet Iesha : MeYe Label Blog Feature

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I want to showcase bloggers, fashion savvy ladies in MeYe Label attire. No matter the shape, nationality or age, you can be classy, professional, and sexy.

All items being worn are from MeYe Label

Now introducing Iesha Richard


1.  Introduce yourself!

Hello! I'm Iesha Richard, a 24 yr old newlywed who's finding her way through a nursing career and an aspiring career in personal styling/shopping. Originally from Louisiana, but Houston, TX is home. Balancing my reality while helping my husband pursue his dreams, attempting to pursue mine, and keeping God in the center is my day to day balancing.

2.  Describe your style.

I'm one that loves to try it all to MY limits. I'm inspired by everything so I never like to stick myself into a style category. It simply depends on where I'm going, what I dig out of my closet, or what I've been wanting to try lately in fashion. So basically, if I like it, you'll eventually see me wearing it! 


3. Have you shopped Resale Before and if so do you like it?

I was one that first off thought resale was so time consuming. And... I was right lol... But, the unique pieces I've acquired since I started (back in my freshman year of college) are things I'll never find again. That's what I love most about resale/thrifting. It's timeless pieces you tend to come across.

4. What is your definition of Vintage?

Vintage is aged pieces of fashion that will forever be timeless.

5. What are your favorite fashion pieces? Favorite places to shop? Least favorite fashion trends?

My fav pieces of fashion are heels. I try my best to keep a wide range of them because you can always mix n match. One pair of black heels is never enough, too many styles. Fav places to shop for a "quick fix" is Forever21, H&M, & Agaci when I want something "on trend". After that, I literally shop any and everywhere. No need to put yourself in a box. My least fav trend is just the "daily stripper attire" as I call it. I've seen some ridiculous "club" fits that aren't necessarily fashionable, just shows any and every part of the female body, leaving enough hidden that you're not considered naked. It's tasteless to me and not my preference. But, that's when you decide to stick to who you are and go against what society tells you is "it".

6. How would you describe MeYe Label

MeYe Label is the vintage resale you go to for those bold, statement pieces! If you don't feel you can pick them out just go to MeYe Label and I'm sure something will catch your eye.

7. What is one piece of advice you have for others who want to incorporate more bold fashions into their lives?

The number one thing is to know that bold doesn't always mean "the most". You can dress down bold statements n make them subtle for day to day wear. Bold fashion pieces help enhance your wardrobe; not just pieces you wear once n never pull out again.


8. Where can we find more of you (social media links if you want)?

You can follow me on my IG pages as of now: personal: _thegoldengirl_  style: goldengirlstylz

Thank you Iesha for representing MeYe Label


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