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Hey guys, B here! If you love fashion as much as I do, of course you want to keep up with the latest designer trends. Designers such as Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and many others can run anywhere from 300 to 30,000 dollars however we all aren’t able to drop loads of money on fancy labels. A few years ago my friends and I started to look into ways to get designer labels for less, once we started looking we came across various types of fashion deals such as resale shops, online consignment stores, local thrift stores and much more.  Check out a few of my favorites below.

I stumbled upon Buffalo Exchange in 2011 after being getting lost here in Houston trying to find a local juice bar. This is a place where you can truly ball on a budget. From designer clothes to shoes and handbags Buffalo Exchange doesn’t miss a beat. Not only can you purchase these gently worn items but you can also sell your own for a pretty good price.  Visit to see more about the store.

Nordstrom’s Rack and Neiman’s Last Call (thanks to Nikki and Val) are definitely some of my favorite places to look for designer labels.  You can find everything from Celine to Louboutin there. With deals and discounts as high as 50% off you are sure to get your money’s worth at either store.

Instagram is social networks were you can find just about anything. I follow a few football wives, basketball wives, and local celebrities and recently I saw one of the wives post about an Instagram based reseller who they had sold a ton of shoes and purses to. After doing a little research I ran across a few more of these legit resellers used by the celebrity wives.  The prices are highly discounted and the shoes and purses are normally in great condition. My favorites are @malaysiascloest and @klosetguilt. Check them out!


Resale shops, online consignment store, discount stores, and all these other fashion for less outlets gives all of  us women the opportunity to be frugal and fashionable for a reasonable price.  This is a sure way to feel like a million bucks without actually having to spend it!

Remember. Dress the Part. Shop Smart.

-Meye Label


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